Pricing Information

          A Local Station Reaching Our Local Community

                         Why advertise on CFNT?

  • Expands your customer base

  • Supports local programming

  • Reaches a strong, loyal audience

  • Shares Jesus Christ with viewers

  • Provides quality programming for families

  • Also features popular vintage television

  • Spot production is available

  • Cable and over the air signals

For more information on advertising with CFNT or to put your commercial on the air please contact:

Rod Payne (940) 322-6229

                 CFNT Program Pricing Information

      Interested in airing a program on CFNT or supporting one of our existing programs? If you would like to shoot and produce a half hour program at CFNT, the cost is $60.00 per show for production with a $60 per episode fee for airing your program. A program that is already taped and ready to air will cost $60.00 per half hour show. For non-profits, we try to bonus you one show for every one you purchase. Air time is subject to availability and our programming schedule. All shows must be approved by our station.

    Spots are available on CFNT for only $200 per month (40 spots ROS or more on average) or for only $10 per individual commercial. Let us show you how to reach your target audience in a cost effective way while supporting local, wholesome, uplifting programming.

    You may also support one of our existing programs. This can be done for as little as $100 per month. Maybe your Sunday School class or Bible Study Group would like to underwrite one of our programs such as “The Way of the Master w/Kirk Cameron,” “In Touch w/Charles Stanley,” “Turning Point w/Dr. David Jeremiah,” “Precepts for Life w/Kay Arthur,”.

    For more information please contact
    Rod Payne at (940) 322-6229.